Culinary Arts: an art, ready to reveal its secrets and to grow into one of the most exciting journeys of your life, full of the most unbelievable adventures and encounters. Discover the global diversity through many tastes and smells and share the joy with your customers and guests.

Management and customer service are fundamental in ensuring top-notch hospitality services, and that is the reason we keep both in focus here at the Academy. In fact, for making a positive impression on a guest at a restaurant or a café, every detail matters.

The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Academy was founded in 2019 to share with you all the beauty of cooking and hospitality, our experience as well as the best international practices.

The Academy has undertaken the mission to train high-profile professionals for local and international restaurant and hospitality markets and to discover the hidden human potential of the industry.

Master one of the most on-demand and beautiful professions and become competitive in local and international markets.

We believe the graduates of the Academy are capable of becoming global ambassadors of the unique Armenian cuisine and the well-known Armenian hospitality.

The Academy welcomes both beginner and mid-career professionals.