The programme is intended for those with basic culinary education and experience of working in a kitchen, who are willing to upgrade their professional education by mastering specifically culinary techniques helpful in making the routine more interesting and efficient.

The programme encompasses both theory and practice. 

The programme also involves the basics of mouth-feel and taste perceptions, chemistry and physics of gastronomy, and more.

It also incorporates the preparation of 50 types of dishes.

The Academy provides students with special uniform and educational materials. 

Course duration: 2 months / 5 days per week, 5 hours a day.

Maximum number of participants: 10

What you will gain

► HACCP standards for hygiene and food safety norms

► Safety and First Aid

► Team communication skills

► Menu and recipe card design skills

► Application of modern technologies in the contemporary kitchen /AEF system, rotary evaporator, thermomix, pacojet/

► Modern cuisine (common technologies of molecular cuisine, siphon, liquid nitrogen, Smoking Gun, Sous Vide, textures, Ph, etc.)

► Continental cuisine

► Grill menu

► Fresh Italian pasta, risotto

► Italian pizza/pizza acrobatics 

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