The programme is intended for those willing to become pastry chefs, without having special education or working experience.

Each participant of the course gets an opportunity to fully engage in all the processes and gain experience in preparing and decorating pastry products while learning. Participants of the course master their hand at chocolate making, as well as baking and making fillings, and learn about modern decoration techniques.

The knowledge obtained during the course allows the graduates to start their own business, to ensure the growth of pastry production sales, as well as to diversify the assortment of confectionary.

The Academy provides students with special uniform and educational materials.

Participants take an exam upon the completion of the course.

Course duration: 3 months / 5 days per week, 4 hours a day.

Maximum number of participants:7

What you will gain

⁙ Types of biscuits

⁙ Cookies, muffins and cupcakes

⁙ Types of tarts

⁙ Éclair and choux

⁙ Types of macarons

⁙ European mouse desserts

⁙ All about chocolate

⁙ Croissant and brioche

⁙ Eastern sweets

⁙ Preparation and decoration of cakes with mastic 

To join the course you should register in advance

Program date

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