The programme is intended for anyone interested in making macaron regardless of their professional background.

The technology of making macaron has its own nuances which you should consider to get a soft and appetizing cookie. There are two technologies for making macaron: Italian and French.

You can get a variety of flavors by using different macaron fillings, such as ganache, caramel, cream patisserie, fruit jellies.

To discover the most delicate macaron-making secrets join our course.

Participants are provided with an individual workspace and tools.

A tasting is set following the end of the course.

Course duration: 2 days /4 hours per day.

What you will gain


Cinnamon macaron 

Raspberry macaron


Chocolate macaron

Vanilla macaron

Pistachio macaron

Lemon macaron 

To join the course you should register in advance

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