The programme is intended for professional pastry chefs, cooks, and chefs, who are willing to improve the dessert menu of the restaurant and learn extraordinary techniques used in pastry making.

The course covers techniques for preparing and serving the most popular products, it also focuses on new and exciting solutions for obtaining texture, as well as confectionery storage and keeping methods.

Participants are provided with individual workspace and tools.

The Academy provides students with special uniform and educational materials.

Course duration: 1 month / 5 days per week, 5 hours a day.

Maximum number of participants:6

What you will gain

Types of biscuits

Types of short-crust dough/types of tarts

Types of choux pastry and contemporary decoration methods

Mousse desserts and cakes /chocolate velour and glazing/

Macaroon, soufflé, marshmallow

All about chocolate

Chocolate coloring, methods of tempering, corpus candies 

Puff yeast-based pastry /croissants and brioche/ 

To join the course you should register in advance

Program date

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